Year One
Medicine - 2 months
General Surgery - 2 months
Vacation - 1 month
Cook County OMFS - 7 months

Year Two
Anesthesia - 5 months
Trauma - 2 months
Neurosurgery - 1 Months
Cook County OMFS - 3 months
Vacation - 1 month

Year Three
Craniofacial - 1 month
Cook County OMFS -  8 Months
Plastic Surgery - 1 Month
Vacation - 1 month

Year Four
Cook County OMFS - 11 months*
* Six months is as Chief Resident
Craniofacial - 1 month

This rotation involves direct care for patients with complex medical problems.  Duties involve history and physical examination, daily rounds, overnight call, and direct involvement with lectures.  This rotation will help solidify the management of the complex medical patient.

General Surgery:
This rotation involves management of the operated patient as well as building on the foundations of medicine. Opportunity exists to operate as well as taking call, providing history and physicals, taking consultations, and managing the entire general surgery service.

This rotation will introduce the resident to the intensive care unit.  In addition the resident will learn about cranial/spine pathology and trauma and will learn the management of such patients.  Opportunity exists to operate.

This rotation will solidify your intensive care unit experience. You will manage and treat all ranges of trauma inflicted patients.  This includes mastering ACLS/ATLS and performing many various types of procedures such as central lines, chest tubes, exploratory laparotomies, and treatment of surgically operated trauma patient.

This rotation will allow the resident to manage a variety of patients undergoing surgical procedures. You will be expected to take overnight call with the residents and will be managing your own anesthesia room.  You will be introduced to a variety of methods to secure an airway including direct oral and nasal laryngoscopy, various video laryngoscopes, as well as mastering fiber optic intubation.

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery:
This rotation will help solidify surgical skills and suturing techniques.  Treatment will range from minor outpatient lesions to large reconstructions involving rotation or free flaps. You will operate alongside the plastic surgery fellow and attending and will be fully involved in the surgery.  You will be expected to participate in clinic and minor surgery.

Craniofacial Surgery:
This rotation is fulfilled at Rush University.  On this rotation you will participate mainly in the operating room and clinic.  This rotation will expose the resident to the management and treatment of many cranial and maxillofacial deformities and syndromes.